children rightsHappy New year!

You’re right. We’re are talking about the fundamental right of children to be with their parents. And we stand by, like the Jews of Nazi Germany and the the people of color of not-so-long ago America, and say,” Maybe if we just ask nicely enough, They will stop this gross injustice.” NOT!

I bet if the top ten worst “family” (HA!) judges dropped tomorrow from ten rounds of .308, we would finally be heard. Extreme, some may say? Look at the magnitude of what’s happening. Have we failed to thoroughly petition through peaceful means for redress of grievances? Look at what so many children and their fathers have done, working peacefully for justice.

“But”, some will say, “we have made some progress.” Like Malcolm X said,” If you stick a knife into me twelve inches, then retract it 6 inches, that’s not progress.”

I’m all for working through the system ( and am). But at the very least we need to begin some sort of organized, peaceful,mass civil disobedience. We have the power- if we are united- but we aren’t using it.