There are more than 20 million Disenfranchised Fathers who try to sort things out about how they have been ripped out of their childrens’ lives. I believe each and every one has, at one time or another, had the same thoughts about violent revolution. When these men try to stand up against the cancerous divorce industry monster, they are beaten down dramatically as individuals to be left impotent against the tyranny.

As a class of citizens, the Disenfranchised Fathers are never going to be in a position to be heard and that is exactly how our society wants it. To allow men to be true Fathers would mean that the legislative, judicial, and social engineering magnates would have to admit to the abuse they cause to millions of children throughout this land.

Their gold lined pockets would be diminished of the profits they hold so dear. These pigs do worse than what the King of England ever did that pissed our Fore Fathers off. The difference today is nobody is hurt but Fathers and Children, and as we all are beginning to see, Fathers and Children don’t matter.