The fact is we are the government, and this was more than evident as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum duked it out in Florida.

20,000,000 people if they were to move in one direction would carry a large voice into any legislative assembly on this continent.

Your assumption that we cannot effect change is wrong. The problem men face is that we do not organize for much. We can fill a stadium to cheer for a team, but when it comes to cheering for our own rights, we don’t.

Your theory of the not putting our children in harm’s way, would have to be revisited if you look at the tactics of both the Nazi’s and Iraqies. Both armies used their children as both protection and fodder.

Canada and the USA seem willing to use their children as throw away items, if you take a look at the way we allow the drug dealers and pimps destroy a generation of children.