I search desperately for an answer of how we can bring the masses of Disenfranchised Fathers, and their loved ones, together to make the statement needed to make this continent a safe haven for all children. My email list includes nearly 900 individuals that I’ve been in contact with over the past decade, I belong to no less than twenty egroups and NGs, and I am known to many of the hosts of Father’s Rights web pages for adding my PDF writer, media productions, and research in law.

One of my most worthwhile projects that I am involved with is the Center on Fathering and one my most respected writings expressing the state of the destruction of men by our system can be found there.

I stir up the mud from time to time, much like recently, to express the side that cries for all to pull their heads out of the sand. The tyranny and blatant amoral corruption that has infected the US is no less horrific than all the ills of history but few will accept the facts. Try standing at the steps of a court house in protest, or be one of only a few displaying purple ribbons tied around trees in the yard (I doubt if more than a handful knows what it means). Those who do just these two simple things realize the frustration of the difference between the 20 mil and who stands up. It is hard to stand by and watch the few heroes of our movement be castrated before the public and made silent or disappear after years into their battles.

Sure I rant once in a while but I spend a lot of time on committees trying to get officials elected into office so I wouldn’t have to. I’m sorry to say though, none have been successful because they hold their beliefs at a level not acceptable to today’s politically correct agenda. Things like pro-life, regarding the Constitution as Supreme Law, and family values guarantees loss during elections, take Alan Keyes for example.

There is much to my history in this battle and I know of answers to turning this all around. It’s called money and it doesn’t exist in the quantities needed. The last time this country was in this situation, there was a lot of tea being served out of the Boston Harbour.

I go both ways. I look for ways to bring the 20 mil together peacefully but I am not so naive not to realize that it may take bloody revolution before we see the future of our children saved. After all, is there a more just cause for such action?

Now that I’ve raised a little dander and hopefully captured some attention, I will end my participation in this thread to focus on bringing out issues of real concern within this group. I hope everyone stays tuned.

On August 9, 2014 I went to family court and filed for custody of my son. I was thinking that is was going to be easy but it was not, because I am a man in there eyes. My wife has violated the order of visitation for me to Love, show affection to my son since he was born till this present moment. He was born on July 8, 2014. Now I have another court order from Family Court to see my son, but from speaking to my lawyer there is no visitation. The agency that is responsible for the visit is on vacation. My son will have to wait to January to find out when is he is going to see his father that he do not really know.

My son has not seen me since November 1, 2014 and he is only one years old now, and when i went to Family Court he was one month. And my wife is not going to come out and say you can come and see your son. I asked my lawyer if there is a way if we can appeal the order of family Court and he said no. I told my lawyer that we are taking about a one year old baby, who at that age wants to see both parents.

I am asking for your help because I cannot remain quiet about the injustice that is being placed on children. I am asking for you help by sending this story to the media. Have you every been married and have two boys and I and institution is telling you can’t spend Christmas and New Years with your flesh and Blood.