If you think that demonstrations is going to bring in more fathers onto this site, you’re kidding yourself. For almost 11 years, I’ve worked with divorced and single fathers. In the beginning, we did all the picking and making noise, here in Kansas City. It didn’t bring in the fathers. Why? If you can answer that, you can perhaps answer the reason why the majority of the calls in is not from men, but from women calling for a man.

Men, as a species, simply do not step up and ask for help. Yes, there are men here that have, but I will wager that there is something else they have not done, like the last time they went in for a physical, or talked to the doctor about that reoccurring pain?

In my experience, I have found that word of mouth recommendations works the best for bringing in new members. That is how we have gotten the majority of our members at Blair College. A member is using our materials, who tells another father about us, who tells his wife, girlfriend, mother, or other lady, who calls us.

More has gotten done by having favorable court ruling, than by all the picking. I have found that the view of the public of fathers picketing is that we are just a bunch of whining dads who are mad because we have to pay child support. What it takes to bring in fathers is to talk to fathers. No matter where I go, or who I see, I talk about the fathers’ rights movement. Drove my wife crazy doing that. If I go to a grocery store on a weekend, I can spot a father who has his children for the weekend from two isles away. He’s the one with a couple of children and buying food that can be fixed quickly.

As for the day care, have you thought about suing her for the money?