The gross injustice caused by our own government is far worse than going to a foriegn land to die for a cause.

The solution has been staring us in the wallet for quite some time, are we just too tired to see it? During the last stages of WWII in Europe, the Germans were running out of gas. The U.S. found out, and made damn sure they didn’t get it. Gulf War, the U.S. took away their will to fight by superior numbers and their thirst for oil.

Moral of the story, take away the gas and oil, mix in 20 million fathers and the machine stops. We gentlemen, are the ones supplying the fuel by feeding the machine MONEY!! Without the money, who will work for nothing?

20 million of us? I would think, if the money stopped coming in, the machine would come to a most glorious stop. What can they do? They sure as hell can’t lock up 20 million tax payers who help run those state run institutions.

Our children have waited long enough for us fathers to do something. What do you think? So, go ahead and rant on Charlie, at least one of us has a pair!