From this lengthy post, I would assume you would have told Martin Luther King not to go to Washington DC.

In Canada and the USA a group the size of what you refer to would affect change. So why not help get us organized?

The children in both Nazi Germany and Iraq were used in the exact same way as the children are used in the court system. They are used to manipulate and hurt the fathers. They are used to portray an unfair image of the mother to the courts, and bad image of the estranged father.

Instead of speaking of not being able to affect change let’s organize the 20,000,000 on both sides of the borders, and their relatives and friends to make the changes that are needed so we can save our children from a fatherless life.

The 6,000,000 who died in Nazi Germany have served a purpose. They have showed us that we as a caring human race cannot let another mass extermination happen again. Although it is hard to believe this by looking at Yugolsavia and Rhuanda and their recent civil wars.