The fact that we are the government is much like the once distant fact that the world was flat, long overdue for a reality check. I can only speak of the US and have no study of Candian structure but “something ain’t right” in the once glorious US of A. As near as I can tell, Canada has an edge in understanding the rights of children but I also see the horror stories coming from there (Mr. White comes to mind).

There is much truth in stating that 20 mil coming together would pressure a change. The politicos know that, so does the amoral corrupt industry causing the destruction, making damn sure that each of those 20 mil are left BeatDead with little left in their spirit to band together to assure change.

I am unclear about your comment about me having a theory about putting children in harm’s way. The Nazi and Iraqi use of children do not compare to the current use of children in the war against fathers (although the Nazi regime used children to disenfranchise the adult population). As far as large numbers of oppressed changing anything, I’m sure six million was a fair amount back in WWII but we know of their fate. Their genocide was squelched not because they came together to organize change, the change was the result from a deadly force which was commanded and executed (not begged for). That’s all another issue…

Perhaps another way to look at it…

A Father is put in a cage and on a treadmill. The only way out is through a door that is electrically charged just slightly less than fatal levels. His children are used as the conductors to carry the current but his only focus for getting off the treadmill and out of the cage is so he can hug his child. He attempts a few times but the charge is strong, and worse, each time the current depletes a little more of child’s life. He stops to find another avenue, not because of the pain of the charge but the damage caused to his child.

The treadmill is not in use while the Father attempts to leave the cage to be with his child and that pisses off a lot of the cage-keepers because it is their means for existence. They must make sure that the treadmill never stops.

The children are the conductors but that is not enough, they must be taught to love carrying current (toward their own demise) and despise the man in the cage. A means to accomplish such a neccessity is a priority (and the effect to the child is lost in the greed).

The Father cries out for help. Only those in other cages hear the cries but can do nothing as they, themselves, attempt to escape to be with their own child.

Now, take the child completely out of the picture and replace them with anything else in the world. Is there any argument that the same man wouldn’t naturally destroy the treadmill, escape the cage, and kill the cage-keepers? For what purpose? FREEDOM (the next priority behind a child)

Anyone who never experienced the cage speaks of change as a wish, those who have speak with passion. Neither are getting us anywhere… Yet