Once again I have to be rude and say that looking at the posted messages, we are blowing lots of hot air with no results.

It is great that we can vent on this web site club but that’s all we always do. If we could only get organized and start PEACEFUL demonstrations (March) in big cities like Atlanta, Houston, Washington DC, etc., then more and more fathers hwo would not even know how to join a group like this would want to join and be part of it. If we could just do this in a few big cities and begin receiving publicity it would even grow more.

Since we can’t be everywhere, we have to do them in nearby cities. In my case, if we could gather a few thousands to do a peaceful protest march in Atlanta, we could even march in front of the CNN building and get all the publicity we want. The same could apply to other cities where media would jump to it. Also, when it happens in different cities at the same time, the media covers it even more thoroughly.

I know it is easier said than done, but women do it, ethnic groups do it, even the KKK does it. Are we (Fathers) so WEAK that we can’t get organized? It is a true shame. As for me – even though I have bad credit score I still could be approved for one of so-called ‘online loans with no credit’ from ElcLoans or similar website and continue fight for my rights!

I already finished my case and was awarded custody of my children. Therefore, I should probably think, “screw it, I finished my battle”. However, I am willing to go out and speak and scream for other fathers out there.

Even though my case is over I will be heading to court again this month. I’ve had my children for 2.5 months now and would you believe she has not paid child support so far. There is also another issue of monies that I paid for child care ($21,000) through years that the law in Georgia has considered a gift and cannot be counted as child support. Therefore, even though I paid this money because of her irresponsibility to the day care and ASSUMED that I would take out of the child support I gave her, now I owe her the money. My lawyer and I are considering taking this to the supreme court to ask for this law to be changed and for them to allow this child care payments to be counted.

We should help finance cases like this where LAWS can be changed to benefit us.

We’ll see what happens!

The fact is we are the government, and this was more than evident as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum duked it out in Florida.

20,000,000 people if they were to move in one direction would carry a large voice into any legislative assembly on this continent.

Your assumption that we cannot effect change is wrong. The problem men face is that we do not organize for much. We can fill a stadium to cheer for a team, but when it comes to cheering for our own rights, we don’t.

Your theory of the not putting our children in harm’s way, would have to be revisited if you look at the tactics of both the Nazi’s and Iraqies. Both armies used their children as both protection and fodder.

Canada and the USA seem willing to use their children as throw away items, if you take a look at the way we allow the drug dealers and pimps destroy a generation of children.

children rightsHappy New year!

You’re right. We’re are talking about the fundamental right of children to be with their parents. And we stand by, like the Jews of Nazi Germany and the the people of color of not-so-long ago America, and say,” Maybe if we just ask nicely enough, They will stop this gross injustice.” NOT!

I bet if the top ten worst “family” (HA!) judges dropped tomorrow from ten rounds of .308, we would finally be heard. Extreme, some may say? Look at the magnitude of what’s happening. Have we failed to thoroughly petition through peaceful means for redress of grievances? Look at what so many children and their fathers have done, working peacefully for justice.

“But”, some will say, “we have made some progress.” Like Malcolm X said,” If you stick a knife into me twelve inches, then retract it 6 inches, that’s not progress.”

I’m all for working through the system ( and am). But at the very least we need to begin some sort of organized, peaceful,mass civil disobedience. We have the power- if we are united- but we aren’t using it.